How to add site to webmaster

The important step in optimizing your site for search engines is adding your wordpress site to google webmaster tools. Using webmaster tools along with other tips we have provided can be a huge help.we will show you how to add your wordpress site to google webmaster tools.

What is google webmaster tools?

Google’s webmaster tools is a set of handy  tools offered by google. It helps you to analyze your website and see how it’s dealing with the most popular search engine.Also It provides data and reports that can help you understand how different pages on your website are appearing in search results. Then It will show you the search queries where a page from your website appears in the results and how often it is clicked.

This data can help you to improve your older articles, write new content, and formulate a content strategy for your website. Google webmaster tools also allows you to submit xml sitemap of your website, exclude urls, and help google display the most important content of your website. It also notifies you if there is a problem with your site which is stoping google from crawling and indexing your pages.


Add your site to google webmaster tools

  1. Open webmasters tools
  2. Sign in with your google account
  3. Click on “add a property” button
  4. Enter your website’s url and click continue…


Now that you have entered wanted information, google is ready to verify your website ownershio. There are several different methods which you can use to verify that you actually have access to that url and thus own the site.

Upload the html file:


Google recommends that you use this method in order to verify your site. After you have finished above steps, google will create a unique html file for you which you need to upload on oyur server:

  1. Download html verification file
  2. Upload that file to the root directory via ftp
  3. Open that unique url in your browser

(goog;e will give you the link on which you have to click on)

  1. Click “verify” button


Alternative methods

If for some extend you don’t want to verify your account via recommended method shown above, google gives you several alternative methods. If you have already signed in to google anlytics , you can use the account to verify the site ownership, or you could use your google tap manager account for the same purpose. Similarly, you can sign in to your domain name provider which will prove that you really do own the domain.


The last verification method requires you to edit the meta tag:

  1. Open header.php file
  2. Copy and paste the code in between <head> and </head> tags. The code looks like this

<meta name=” google-site-verification”content=”verification code” />

  1. Make sure that content actually shows your verification key which is unique to you
  2. Save changes
  3. Click verify button on webmasters tools pages


Using seo plugin


If you are using seo plugin, then you can copy the verification code in content part of the meta tag and paste it in wordpress seo plugin. Click on seo in your wordpress admin sidebar and then scroll down to webmaster tools section to paste the unique key in the google webmaster tools field.

Save your changes and go back to your google webmaster tools website to verify your website.

Once you have  verified your website, the next thing you would want to do is to add your xml sitemap. Don’t have a sitemap or not sure what is sitemap? Check this link “how to create sitemaps” in wordpress. After you have finished adding your sitemap, it may take a while for google to display your site data.


That’s all you need to do to add your wordpress site to google webmaster tools. Once your data starts to coming in, you can use it to your advantage.

We hope that this article was a useful one. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment bellow, if you any doubts.

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