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What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?

When we take a look in Wikipedia,they explain the word SEO(search engine optimization) as

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For example, in our own words we can say,
When we make an article about “How to learn Java”, when someone searches in that topic,
to that post to be appeared in the first place of his search results,we need Search Engine Optimization(SEO ) most probably(for about 95% cases in Google).

So for us to make Google very likely to make our article on of the top results when someone

what is SEO

search for a keyword related to the article ,we need just sprinkle some Search Engine Optimization(SEO )magic to our article.

Do you know that most often online experiences begin with a search engine(around 95%),
and 70% of them use google to do so.

just imagine that first 5 results of google gets 75% of all clicks. And you will know the importance of search engine optimization.

for an example just imagine how can a plane fly with that much of confidence?
why doesn’t it crash from a mechanical failure? There are lot’s of parts moving continuesly as well as very fast
inside a plane.But a plane will not crash easily..Do you know why?The pilots make a checklist before they ON the button for taking and take-off,to conform
everything is perfectly working exactly as it should be.

So we can learn a lesson here.We can create our own checklist to conform everything is perfectly fine for our next website article.
Isn’t it interesting?that checklist will ensure that our post has the very best chance it need to rank top in Google.
Isn’t it kinda relaxing?

So here i’ll give you some Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tips to run through,before you publish your next article.
But before you learn Search Engine Optimization( SEO) tips you should confirm the following three point.

  1. First confirm what your site is about(you should have a clear idea)
  2. What is the main purpose of your site
  3. How much commited and dedicated you are for your website

Tadaaaa..once you are settled on these three things, then this is the time to get to work.

Here you go..

SEO(search engine optimization)tips for you website


1.KEYWORDS-The most important thing in SEO(search engine optimization).


The most important SEO element for every search engine are the Keywords.Choosing the right keywords to optimize for this thus the first and most crucial step to a successful SEO campaign.keywords for seo

Do you know that if you fail to find the correct keyword the path ahead will be really hard to travel?
And it is most likely that yo will only waste your time and money.(isn’t it so heart breaking?)

But you need to know that there are many ways to find out which keyword to optimize for. And usually the final list of them is made after a careful analysis of what the online population is searching for,what are words your competitors have chosen and the words that you think will give a description to your site best.

The first thing you need to do is to pick the search term or phrase you want the post to show up for.
If you are writing about Dog or Dogs,first you need to find out what people are really searching for.
First you need to do a small research to find out what people think and what they need.A good website
provides answers for what people really ask for.So you should use a keyword related to that. can use keywords like “dog obedience training”,
“homemade dog food”,”dog food recipes” etc.It is always best to focus on less competitive highly specific keywords.

The easiest way to do this is use Keyword planer,a free tool that will show you an estimate for any search phrase.
(although keyword planner is free,you may need to set up an AdWords account to gain access)

  • Keyword density.

The next thing is always try to have a good keyword density.

Make your site keyword-rich and to have a good keyword density for your target keywords.Although keyword density is not a most important fact in SEO,it is a common measure of how relevent an article is.The higher the keyword density,the more relevant to the search string a page is.Simply you can use a Keyword Density Checker to find out the keyword density of your website.(isn’t it easy?)


There are few places where you can use keywords.This may increase the rank of your site.Mainly,your topic should contain your keyword.But that doesn’t mean that it should be exact but it can be.You should be creative enough to put an interesting title so that people will actually want to click on it.
For example recently i read a post form,which was about “Becoming a millionaire”.However,rather than using a boring title,like “how to become a millionaire”,
they titled it as How to become a Millianaire by age 30. Now that will be something you want to see now.

  • Keywords in the Header

Don’t forget to put your keywords in the header too.You can organize most web pages by having a large title at the top,followed by several sub-headers throughout the page(just like in this post).
BE sure to use your exact keyword phrase at least once in your sub-headers.

  • Keywords in the images

It will be wise to use the keywords in the images as well.Include words that reflect your site topic in the image title,description,and alt attributes(They say “Write your alt tags like if you had to describe them to someone who is blind.)keywords
Alt attribute.
And it is better to retitle the file name, if it doesn’t match your main keywords.To change the image name,simply change the name of the image on your computer before uploading.
(ie.instead of r1425.jpg write dog-care.jpg).

  • Keyword in your URL

Another way Google is able to determine what your blog post is about is the URL.It means,what comes after the “.com” in your URL(or .net,.org,or watever you use).
We’ll have a look into two URLs and which one you think Google will like better when deciding whether or not to show a certain page?

yes you are right if you guessed the second one.while the former will not completely destroy your
SEO efforts,it is pretty sure that the second one will help show the Google exactly what the post is about.

  3.Links are important in SEO.


linking websites

You can use links in two ways

  1. Internal links
  2. External links


We’ll first look into the definition of an internal link.An internal link connects one page of a website to a different page on the same website.The source domain and Target domains are same in an internal link.Internal links spread authority and rank throughout multiple pages of a website.

Most often Internal linking strengthens the overall search-optimized value of a website.
In order to create lots of internal links,you need to have lots of internal pages.When you create lots of content,you will have lots of linkable content.

The more links to the more places,the better your internal linking strategy will be.And use anchor texts as opposed to the linked images.You don’t want to optimize
anchors.just use natural,unoptimmized sentence fragments as anchor text,and you will do just fine.obviously no cute tricks.And no overthinking it.
Just highlight,link it,and it is done.

You should avoid linking to the homepage and contact us pages.This is a common mistake we do.Avoid links to the top level pages on a site.The deeper your links go,the better.
you dont need tons of links in your internal content.As Google says”Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number”.

good and bad internal links


Yes,now we are at a big one.

This is a very important SEO tip.

What is an external link?
An External link is a link from a website other than your own website.

Google relies HEAVILY on external links to determine how good a post is.
It really makes sense,don’t you think so?
That is because although you talk about yourself the whole day,still no one may not beleive you.But as soon as some other people start to bragging about
you,obviously others take a notice.

outbound links

But you have to consider few things about have worked hard to get visitors to your site.

should you provide external links? what if visitors leave via those links and never come back?It obvious that visitors leave when have seen enough.So trying to box them in won’t stop them from leaving your site.

Besides all these,if a certain visitor is not relevant to your site,you may as well provide them with helpful directions to other,more suitable sites.
You can build your reputation by being nice to user and other websites.Human readers like information that is corroborated by other sources,so go ahead
and link to references.A well referenced page or an article makes your site more authoritative.

But remember if your site links to garbage,people will think your site is a garbage too.That is why
you should be careful about linking.when you link to a poor resources show the world that they do not care what they say or recommend.Doing anything to get attention,such as keyword spam and link spam
are not welcomed by Google or other search engines.No wonder that they remove or down rank such sites.

Periodically you can test all your internal and outbound links with a tool like Xenu Link Sleuth , and fix any that do not return a proper HTTP code 200.




meta description


This is a most important SEO tips and still neglected by people. Your page title and Meta description need to catch the eye of users in the search results.By increasing the CTR of your pages,you will get rewarded with a little boost in where you show on the page.

A meta description is the first part people see when google serves up your page to search users.

Do you know that the giant of the search engines doesn’t like duplicate content? I agree that there are times
where you need to copy a sentence or a paragraph from another site(and link back to the source).But remember that you get penalized by Google,if publishing duplicate contents become your way of life.

Like that duplicate meta descriptions also will put you in trouble.Even if you don’t get penalized straight away,you are still not providing a great user experience.
If you are using word press,you can fix duplicated meta descriptions by installing the All-In-One-SEO pack or Yoast plugins.

meta descriptions



Focus on Mobile.

If you don’t have a mobile version of your site,then this should be your top priority.Look into consolidating if you are running desktop and mobile versions of your site.This will pay off in your SEO efforts.And give your user a better experience as well.

Create a solid user experience for your mobile users with the design,layout,and content creation.
The need for having a mobile optimized site to be competitive in search has sort of of crept up on people.Now smart phones have become prevalent so that having a mobile site is like icing on the cake.

mobile friendly seo


Businesses should have a mobile friendly site. That  is easy for visitors to use.It should be responsive(on the same domain as their desktop) .And should contain the same content as desktop versions.It is important to make sure that your content is visible to users on all devices.From desktop to tablet to mobile phones.This will provide
you an opportunity to increase your SEO rank.


Do you know that page speed is critical factor in SEO?

Page speed is vital,both to users and to search engines.According to eConsultancy,”40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load”.Isn’t it true?

During the early time,you could get away with a slow-loading site.There was time where we had to wait for about 5 minutes .before a popular news site fully loaded.
That is never a good experience,But it is the kiss of death in today’s market place.


exactly a slow page will can frustate the user experience and ultimately discourage people from reading your article.
According to the search engine giant’s internal studies,when a page load slowly,visitors spend less time there.On the other hand,faster loading pages reduce operating costs and
improve user experience,among other benefits.

You should get rid of Non-essential elements that slow down your site.

If you are using WordPress,It is better to deactivate plugins you may have installed .And activated but don’t actually need.

load time seo


For more informations about improving you page speed,refer the resources bellow

  1. How to make your site insanely fast
  2. 15 easy ways to speed up your WordPress site



The above six-point checklist may not include everything a person could know about SEO.

But if you follow these tips,you will be miles ahead of the competition and will likely see your posts
get significant SEO traffic.
The age of a domain or web page is also one of the best tip to SEO you should keep in your mind.It is a main reason for your success.
Because of that it is better to not to change you domain name constantly.You select one and stick with it,unless you have a very good reason to change it.

 If you have published a post in the past that is no longer relevant to the users.

Then instead of writing a new piece of content from scratch,work to update that page.So that
you can retain the backlinks and social media shares.

Finally,If you pay attention to these important SEO tips,I guarantee your success.

If you are curious as to how well your site is performing on search engines,you can use a free website SEO tool like website Grader.

happy seo


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