Solve Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress

Sometimes your site goes down and your browser tells you is there are too many redirects. Recently a common issue that wordpress users may come “Error Too Many Redirects” error  in wordpress. This article will help to you how to fix error too many redirects issue in wordpress. On browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet explore that error will be displayed like this.

On Chrome, this error will be displayed like this:

Error Too Many Redirects" error  in wordpress in Chrome
Error Too Many Redirects

On Firefox, this error will be displayed like this:

Error Too Many Redirects" error  in wordpress on firefox
Too Many Redirects” error  in FireFox



What’s the reason get error Too Many Redirects in WordPress?

  • If your Home and Site URLs are different or incorrect.
  • By Installing misconfigured plugins.
  • If you host multiple sites or networks on one IP address.
  • Changing .htaccess file
  • Changing Permalinks


Set the Home & Site URLs Properly

Usually this error occurs due to misconfigured redirection issue.If your Home and Site URLs are not properly set then it could cause to a redirect error.

Solve Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress
Solve Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress

For Example,lets prefigure your sites URL is you go to Settings>>General and set it host allow to us choose whether what would we like to add a domain name or have it without WWW. If you add in wordpress settings it will lead the error.Because your site URL is

To fix this problem you need to change WordPress address and Site Address. Therefore go to Settings>>General then change WordPress Address & Site Address.

If your address have with WWW prefix then change it to non-www URL. If your address have with non-www URL then add the WWW prefix.

May be you can’t access the General page but you can change these URLs by Adding the code below to your php file and save the file and upload it back to web server.

         1 define('WP_HOME','');
         2 define('WP_SITEURL','');
  • Don’t forget to replace with your domain.

Then try to access your wordpress site.

After Installing HTTPS Converting Plugin or other, Site getting Too Many Redirects loop

To solve this issue,first you need to figure out which plugins are causing the issue.Is it because you activate a new plugin or update plugins right before this error happend? If it is “Yes” then you can deactivate that plugin by deleting that folder.(wp-content/plugins/)

If you don’t know which plugins are causing the issue deactivate all of plugins. When you deactivate all of plugins on your site,you need to download the .htaccess file as a backup. When you have downloaded the file, delete it from server and then try to access your site.
If there is no error,then you know that it was a plugin causing this error.

Then you have to find out which plugin was the culprit.First you need to download and install fresh copies of your all plugins.Then activate plugin one by one.When you activate each plugin, try to browse several pages on your site using a different browser.Then you will find out the plugin that caused the issue.

Fix Error Too Many Redirects by solving IP Addresses Errors

When you enter your domain into your browser,it will connect to your site’s IP address.If you have installed multiple sites to a single IP address on your VPS or server this direct route could be broken.

When you are sharing multiples sites using one IP address,your browser will not suppose to visit.When you visit your a site for the first time,your browser will create a cookie and include the IP address for your site.At this time,if you visit another site using same IP address you wouldn’t be able to visit the site and you will see a error.Because your browser would see the existing cookie for the IP but URL is different.

To solve this, upgrade to a dedicated IP address for each of your sites or auto clear the browsing cookies.

After Changing .htaccess file, Site getting Too Many Redirects loop

Remove your all customization codes in .htaccess file. you can get a Copy of fresh .htaccess  file and check the causing code. if you can’t find any error then upload the file and check.

Error Too many redirects on WordPress admin login

  • Disable All the Plugins Through the File manager and check one by one.
  • Make sure all file permissions are right. There are is stranded in WordPress is to have all directories at 755 and all files at 644. Please Double check these permissions because these changes are very important to your security.
  • Change the Theme to “twenty thirteen” through the data base. it will solve the ERROR 301 Too many redirects

Done All of Above tips but problem persist

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