Backup Database And Files In WordPress

What do you mean by backups?First of all we will find out what it is..It is very simple one.Backup is simply a copy of your site.It also can reinstall should something going to hell.If I describe to simple way,it’s like an Insurance company .If in many problems, they protect you.

It protect you all the effort,time and money you have invested in your WordPress site.Sometimes it may be a victim of hacker .It is like to burning your site by a dangerous dragon.You will confuse ,Oh! nothing to get anything.Am I right?You may get crazy.Because you lost everything you have.See,If you have backup why are you exiting?You can restore and continue you business..Did you get any idea about importance of getting backups…

There are some valuable points that you should know as a WordPress site owner.I can guess You re already know two components of WordPress site.They are Themes,Files,Media,Plugins and etc that create the structure of the WP site.

Another component is MySQL database that stores your blog posts,comments and the options where in your site.But the thing is most  cheap web host offering backups.In this thing, only backup your database only.They are not Backup of your Files.Then you should backup in safety way.

Now you already know how database is very important in WordPress site.Because it contains every post,every link that have you in your blog.Think,If database get erase or corrupted , What are you doing in this time?There are many reasons why this could happen and not all are things you can control.So backup of database is Very important thing.

If you are already backup your Database  and Files properly.You can restore our things back to normal quickly.

Now I will Highlight some points that you should to know.Sometime they will questions that you have………

1.How many times You should backup?

It hasn’t any time period to do that activity.It is also depend on your decision.If you have any doubt or feel database will you can backup your database.

2.Can do backups for huge Database?

Normally some files post will be large,like statistic WordPress Plugins and anti-spam.Therefore They are collecting in formations in many times.And also the thing is you should identify separately that “what are the important and what are the things you should reduce.”Then you can avoid from restoring non important things.Also you can simplify you Database perfectly.

3,Can Backups be Automated?

It .s Possible.There are different different method available .You can read more in below of this article.

Backing Up Your WordPress Site..You can Backing up Database and Files in your WordPress site.If you want to backup your entire site,then you should backup Database and WP Files. Probably Following things may be included in your site.

  1. WordPress Themes 
  2. Code files
  3.  Images and Files                                                         
  4. WordPress Plugins
  5.  Core Installation


There are two ways of backup Databases and Files

  • Manual Backup
  • Automatic Backup

How to get Backup Manually.

This is a method of backup database without using a plugin.

Many users can’t access to their own WordPress after a hack or in a plugin error. When you find out more answers or solution for it.Most tutorial recommended you to do complete backup.But you should get huge effort to use a plugin for backups.Also you can’t access admin area too.

Manual database back up is equal to the database backups created by a plugin.These are the method in manual backup.

Get Full Backup of Database Using phpMyAdmin

This is Open source  software.This allows you to manage You MySQL database.Also it use web based interface.On most host providers,it comes pre-installed.
As the first step.You should log in to your WordPress Hosting control panel.Now click on phpMyAdmin in viewing here.

After you clicked you can see phpMyAdmin window.Your WordPress database should be showing in this place.” Ooops! There i not like that…” . Don’t worry here’s the way.. After that Click on your database name to select it. Now you can see list of WordPress database tables it is selected. Also Do you want more Select all the tables you would like to backup by tricking the check box. If you want all to select. Here’s the shortcut for it. Click on “Click All “at the bottom.

After that selected your database,As a next step you should click on Export link where in Top Menu Bar .

Then system will ask from you Select the export method. After you have to select custom as it will give  more options to explore.

After that click on custom will show you more options. And also it will show all your tables in your WordPress database as you selected.

After that If you want to reduce some files. you can deselect them.

Like above image.You can scroll down the output section. By default they will show you to output of the export process as text. You need to change it to”Save output to a File” option.
For compression you need to select zipped or gzipped option.

After that click on “Go “button where at bottom.

Don’t forget save copies in same locations of your site. .phpMyAdmin send you the database export as zip or gzip file.
That is end of your task. Finally You are successfully backup your database…

Back up WordPress Files by Using cPanel.


This is very easy way.You can do this in a relax mind. There are few guide lines. You can end Your task by following these instructions. Here’s the way.

-First of you have to login your web host and Go to cPanel in there. Normally cPanel will meet when you login to your first page.
-after that Go to File Manager.

-Now you can mention File location that you want to backup.

-After that Click on the WordPress Directory ,and select compress from the menu bar.

-Now you can see a dialog box form here. After that You should select compression type

-Did you see Compress File(s) Button ?Then press the button and wait for the process run its task.Your server will save You compress WordPress Folder that you chosen,

-After that You can download it by click on the Download Button. And another way to do this task is,Right-click on the page and select Download

-Now you need to select secure location on your hard disk to save backup files that you had chosen.

-That’s All….

If you have Different type of control panel like,

Just you should locate your file and can follow this path to backup your files.

Automated Backup..


Most WordPress plugins exist to get Automatic scheduled Backups for their WordPress Databases and Files . It is very easy method that we can use also. All you have to do is install your favorite WordPress backup plugin,configure a few settings and you are good.
Now we’ll we see how to win this task.

1)VaultPress(with jetpack)

VaultPress was created for Backing up your WordPress site automatically. It is easy than manual one. VaultPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg. This takes automatic daily backups of your site that are stored securely offsite. They are using to restore your site easily by logging into your site account and clicking a button.

Recently there is another product call Jetpack becomes with VaultPress . You will need a Jetpack subscription plan to use VaultPress. Also it has different pricing plans. They are on their different features.

some of them are site duplication and migration,malware and virus scanning,Automated file repair and even spam defense. You can starting at jut $39 per year as a part of Jetpack. And also VaultPress offers automated real-time cloud backup solution. This is very good offer.After that You should pay starting at $3.50 per month.


BackupBuddy is most popular backup plugin. Because it is easily to schedule. You ca schedule it as you want (as daily  ,weekly,monthly). And also you can use this to create full database and files backup,move your site one to another server very simply.

Another thing is this plugin store backups in Amazon S3,Rackspace Cloud,FTP,Dropbox automatically. This is biggest advantage of using BackupBuddy.
Not only that,if you use their Stash service , you can do real-time backups from it. You can use the plugin on the number of sites mentioned in your plan.

Finally You also get access to premium support,1GB of cloud storage to store your backups. And regular updates to your site.


This is popular backup plugin. This one is helps you to clone or migrate your site to  another location easily. After that It makes a powerful backup solution from here’s main feature.

It does not allow schedule backups which makes it less than ideal primary WordPress backup solution for a regularly maintained site. Finally If you want to know more about that plugin go to


This is Most popular WordPress Backup plugin. more than 400,000 users are using this. But it is backing up your WordPress Database only. This is one and only disadvantage of here.

In this situation you should back up your files manually. Just think,If you do not update your site often then you can use WP-DB-backup as your primary WordPress backup plugin.

This is very simple one. finally you can create  Database backups. schedule automated backups,and restore your database also.



This is free one.You can create complete WordPress backup for free . And also it on the cloud,FTP,email or on your computer. This easy way to us and allows schedule automatic backups, ,according to your site’s update frequently. In this plugin it is very simple to restore form the backup.

So you can use any method to backup and saving your site….


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