In this post I am going to suggest you a great list WordPress SEO plugins which I use and suggest to all my readers.

Do you know that today, WordPress is used by more that 50 million websites, and it is undoubtedly the best blogging platform ever built. Today not only professional bloggers but many online businesses, an online magazine, and internet marketing firms are using it to run and expand their business on the web.


We all know that SEO is vast field, and it requires lots of knowledge to master it. But if you are serious about blogging, business or about you portfolio then you will do your level to improve your brand presence and authorship. And one of the best ways to enhance your brand presence and authority is SEO, as it helps to drive organic traffic, customers, and leads. ( important SEO tips you should never neglect)


Luckily, a number of tools out there can help your WordPress site rank better and get more love from Google. So, without further ado, here are the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools you will need for 2017.


SEO is not just one thing. It consists of many parts and you can find specialized tools for each area of SEO. Yet, if you are looking for more of an all-round solution, the two plugins below will allow you to cover most of your bases.


  1. All-In-One SEO pack

seo plugins

This plugin by Micheal Torbert , who runs his business and also offer a professional version of this. The pro version has lots of other advanced features which you won’t get in the free version, including premium support and installation.

This is the World’s famous and one of the most advance SEO plugin built for bloggers, online business, e commerce, and magazines, with over 14 million plus Downloads and 3.8 as an average rating out of 5, it has to be the top on my list.

If you are one among the blogger who does not understand SEO and rarely cares to perform any on page optimization, then you must use this plugin.

Let us discuss about it’s features

  • It automatically generates meta description, meta keywords for you blog posts
  • Automatically optimizes your titles using best practices.
  • It can add alternate tags to all you images within any of your post.
  • Can understand the graphics and they only need the text-based explanation.
  • Only SEO plugin which has extended support for e commerce websitrs.
  • Can check your blog for any duplicate pages so as to prevent panda penalty.

And overall I can say that it is a complete solution for a novice to advance users.


  1. SEOpressor

This is all in one and indeed the most powerful WordPress SEO plugin ever built. It has the power to manage all your pages, posts, custom post formats or in simple terms your complete website.

You can use it to drag and drop functionality to inert the keyword into your content with one click. This feature helps to save 15 to 20 minutes per post basis which you usually waste while performing keyword research on other tools and services.

It also has powerful post and page analysis algorithm which calculates the SEO state of your content, then it gives you rating on 100 bases. In the analysis, it checks you H1,H2, H3 tags.

It can also check for both outbound and internal linking (seo tips) it even checks your images and whether it has alternate and title tag or not. It even offers you the functionality to automate the task of adding alternative text by assigning the title hook in its setting page.

And this also has a powerful internal linking feature which allows you to assign any particular link with one specific word or phrase. The whenever you publish the post, those words will hyperlinked automatically.

This plugin also helps to make your site more social friendly by adding a Facebook open graph and Twitter metadata tags. It has inbuilt support for rich snippet which means now you can write an extensive review, and they will be made compatible automatically.


  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by team Yoast is continuously among the most popular in the WordPress directory. It has more than one million active installs and sports a solid rating. Besides that it is also one of my personal favorites.

The plugin allows you to configure many settings relevant to search engine optimization both on global and local level. Its features include:

  • Editing SEO titles, meta descriptions and more
  • In-depth analysis pf your content for optimization opportunities.
  • Keyword suggestion form Google auto suggest.
  • Automatically create XML-sitemaps.
  • Optimizing your content for social networks .

There is much more that this plugin can do for your site.


  1. Interlinks manager


Internal linking helps to improve user interaction with the site as it allows them to easily navigate through different pages on your site which are based on similarly connected topics.

You can easily add hyperlinks to any internal page through wordpress post editor. But if your website has more than 100’s of post, reviews and dozens of pages, then manually editing each page to internally connect your previous post is a tough task.

Well here comes Interlinks Manager for rescue.

  • It has an super easy and to the point interface which will allow you to assign the keyword, the target URL and DONE. Now, this little plugin will scan each and every single post and page on your website for that keyword, and wherever it will find it, it will automatically add the hyperlink.
  • Basically it is a set and forget plugin. You can keep on creating new content and just before you will publish the hit button, the appropriate links will be added automatically in the backend.
  • It also comes with a simple and user-friendly link suggestion feature which automatically suggest you the appropriate link for the targeted keyword. Furthermore, it uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the internal link juice and even give you the option to enable link tracking.

In case you love data sheets, you can even import the report generated in .csv format for further analysis. Overall, if you want improve your internal link structure, this is the one plugin you will ever need.


  1. Rank Hijack-off Page SEO Tool

If you are new to SEO and want to create high quality, high page authority backlinks to your site then you must check out Rank Hijack. It is a web bases application which is designed to help you find Parasite SEO.

It is a web-based application which which aims to help you find Parasite SEO. For those who do not know what parasite SEO are, they are basically high domain authority websites which allow you to create your own articles and publish them on their platform with do follow and sometimes nofollow backlinks.

Remember that this is not an on-page SEO plugin for wordpress. Rather it is an off-page SEO tool which helps to increase trust value, citation flow, page authority and domain authority of your website.

Furthermore, the platforms which this tool finds for you and niche relevant. This means you are building backlinks from trustworthy sites and those sites are directly related to your niche.


  1. Share Buttons and Social Analytics

In order to get the sweet, sweet SEO juice from social netwroks, you first need to enable your visitors to give you the Facebook and Twitter bump.

Share this lets your visitors spread your content to 120 different social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Email is also Supported.

The plugin gives you several options of displaying sharing options:

Large and small buttons beneath or on top of your content, a pull-down menu or floating sidebar.

In addition, it also offers social analytics to understand the sharing habits if your audience. ShareThis will turn your website into a sharing powerhouse.


  1. SEO cleaner

SEO cleaner

SEO cleaner is not your typical SEO plugin which helps in writing and optimizing your posts and pages. Instead, it contributes to optimizing your overall website’s performance by cleaning up the markup.

This simple and user-friendly plugin comes with dozens of options. That is to help you get rid of not so useful meta tags. Many wordpress users do not know that wordpress by default creates DNS prefetch for external domains like Google, web fonts, analytic and few more. It also generate post short links and hard coded styles for comments. Furthermore to worsen the situation it loads additional scripts and styles to detect device types and to load emojis.

All these activities lead to not so SEO friendly source code. But by using this plugin, you can get rid of short links, RSS feed links, emoji’s, hard coded styles and HTML comments with just a few clicks. Furthermore, its advanced settings allow you to remove unused meta tags, scripts, styles, HTTP headers.


  1. SEO friendly Images Pro

SEO friendly Images Pro

This is an awesome wordpress plugin for those who always forget to set alternative tags to their images. This image seo plugin is designed to help you authorship. Add the title and alternative text to every image on your website. Yes, you read it right. It does not matter it your site has 1000 oe 10,000 images. This awesome little buddy will make every picture SEO ready.

Furthermore, this add-on comes with another feature called lazy load. By lazy loading images, you can make your website 50% to 75% faster. Now you might be thinking how is that possible. Well, you might know that images contribute to 50 to 60 percent of webpage’s total weight. Lazy load scripts help to load images only when they come inside the visible viewport.

So basically if you haven’t scrolled down the page then the pictures below in your post won’t get loaded. To provide lazy load functionality, this plugin comes with the open source unveil.js script.


  1. Redirection

The cure for broken are 301 redirects. They tell search engine the new location of migrated content and prevent human visitors from encountering the dreaded 404 error page.

The redirection plugin will monitor when someone comets to your site and lands on a pages that does not exist. You can then easily redirect those links to where they are actually supposed to go to. That way you do not lose the valuable link juice and search engines are happy, too.

One of the coolest things is that this plugin will automatically set up a redirect for posts whose URL has changed. Furthermore it provides you will statistics about how often redirections are being accessed and where the original link came from.

An alternative plugin is simple 301 redirects.


  1. Ultimate Video SEO Plugin

Video SEO Plugin

If you are an owner of a video blog and want to improve its organic traffic, then it is a must to have plugin. This video SEO plugin automatically generates video object markup and helps to show video thumbnail on search result pages.

After installing this plugin, you do not need to perform any serious settings. And you can go straight to your posts and start creating new articles and tutorials. But now you will notice a new field bellow you post editor. And it will allow you to add videos, its details and thumbnails.

Thus has an ability to fetch video SEO details automatically from its respective video hosting service. Furthermore, it even generated video sitemap which helps Google and other search engines to index your new pages quickly and its content. Thus, this plugin helps to rank you video higher on SERP and contributes to driving extra organic traffic. Currently, it supports almost all the leading video hosting websites like You tube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and much more.

(This plugin is no more available. Development of this plugin has been suspended because original author was busy on other projects.)



So here comes the end of this list. They are my personal favorite, and I consider them as top WordPress SEO plugins. Tell us which one if your favorite or do you use any other plugin.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave comment. And one of our team member will help you as soon as possible.

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