Uninstall and Reinstall WordPress

You can learn from this,”How you can Uninstall and Reinstall WordPress?”.Did u know Reinstalling WordPress can solve Problems when all other troubleshooting tips fail. Probably many people
think about this On their sites unless they start having ‘Apache security mod rewrite and htaccess‘ issue.
u should know how to safety Uninstall and Reinstall WordPress avoiding from losing your data or SEO.

But anyway you will have some issues or barriers in your WordPress site. Here the things that you will meet there.
issues,some one may hack your site.Think if you couldn’t find any solutions for above things.You can move another way.It is Uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh copy of WordPress can be used as the last resort.

How To Uninstall And Reinstall WordPress

Uninstall and Reinstall WordPress


Uninstalling WordPress’s DataBase

You need to connect to your site by using a FTP client or File Manager in cPanel.
Now we will see how to move to target.

There are two options.You can go through any method as you want.

  1. Quick Fix Uninstall
  2. Full Clean Uninstall


Method 1:- Quick Fix Uninstall (It Will give you Only New Database)

  1. First Get Backup of your Database file. (If your Site is totally new Site then this can be recommend)
  2. Delete the WordPress database user and the table.
  3. After new database user and table and  update by using ‘wp-config.php. Then you can get new information.

    Uninstall And Reinstall WordPress
    Edith the wp-config.php File
  4. Now you can run the installer by using your site.


Method 1:- Full Clean Uninstall..

  1. First Delete all WordPress files and Folders from your site.
  2. After You should Delete the WordPress database and table(There is little thing that you should know .Did you know really you don’t want to delete your own WordPress database. You can also create as many database and usernames as you need.
  3.  Hosting Companies which allow this. So you can create a new one with a new username as you need from instead of deleting the existing database. If you want you can follow above mentioned option without deleting Database
  4. Now you can Install WordPress from the beginning like you did before.


How to Delete the WordPress Files and Folders…

If you want delete all WordPress files using one of the following methods.

First Get Backup of your Database files and WordPress Files.

Method 1:-
First you should Log into your site’s C-Panel /Control panel and after that visit to the file browser. Now find out the Folder From all WordPress files are and remove those files.

Delete the WordPress
Delete the WordPress

Method 2:-In this method, First you should  log in to  your own site using a FTP software .After go to WordPress .So now you select all the files and folder then hit the delete button then confirm the deletion.

Delete the WordPress

Method 2:-Did you have shell access to your server?If you have it then you can log into your server using a SSH client then browse to the folder where WordPress is installed.


Reinstalling WordPress With Fresh WordPress Files.

Reinstalling WordPress is not a hard work.So it can do easily than you’d think.Also it is flexible .

  • As first step you should download new copy of WordPress and Restore from WordPress.org  website.

    Download And Install WordPress
    Download And Install WordPress
  • After download WordPress you should Unzip that download file.
  • So you should find out the WordPress file From Above Unzip file.After Open it and see all the WordPress files.
  • Now you upload above files to your own website by using an FTP client.

When you finished it WordPress ask you to enter your database information.

Now you have to give Name of the database,Username and Password that you create before. And after finished  that work Click  on submit button to continue. WordPress will now attempt to connect to your database .If it has a successful connection,it will  show you a success massage in a dialog box.At that movement,You can click on the “Run Install” button to continue.

Uninstall And Reinstall WordPress

As the next step,WordPress ask you to give your information like site title,description,admin email address in your site.

Uninstall And Reinstall WordPress


  • After complete this job.Click on “install wordPress”Button to continue.
  • This is ending of your task.Go ahead and log into the Admin area in WordPress by using Username and Password You Entered.
  • when yo loged into the your site you should delete defalut content. (Some Plugins,posts,pages)
  • So have reinstall WordPress successfully.


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